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My Antler Chew

Moose Antler Dog Chew

Moose Antler Dog Chew

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Moose antler dog chews are an organic and naturally delightful treat or chew toy for your dog to enjoy that you can feel good about giving them!


Our moose antler dog chews are made from premium quality, grade A antlers which mean that they are the highest quality available. The antlers are shed naturally by wild moose and harvested right here in the USA. The shed antlers are then cut to size and any sharp edges are sanded down to make them suitable for your pet.


This listing is for ONE piece of moose antler. These pieces are cut from the moose antler "paddle," which is the flat, wide part of the moose antler.

  • LARGE moose antler chews weigh about 7-10 ounces and are approximately 6-8 inches long
  • X-LARGE moose antler chews weigh about 9-15 ounces and are approximately 7-9 inches long

*All antlers are organic products. Weight and size may slightly vary.


Which size should I choose?

  • Large moose antler chews are a good option for medium to large breed dogs who weigh anywhere between 20-80lbs.
  • X-Large moose antler chews are a good fit for large or extra large breed dogs, generally over 50lbs or any enthusiastic chewer who prefers a large antler chew treat.


Why choose a moose antler paddle dog chew?

Moose antler chews are rectangular shaped, which distinguishes them from elk or deer antler chews. The paddle portion of moose antlers are thin and wide, resulting in a unique shape and structure for chewing. The marrow of moose antler paddles is not very dense, making them a great option for dogs who prefer a softer chew. Moose antler paddles are a great option to try for moderate-power chewers and their unique shape offers a new and exciting challenge for dogs who also like other types of antler chew treats!

Please view the other listings in our shop for additional varieties of antler dog chews!

Please keep in mind that these are only general recommendations, your individual dog may prefer a different size depending on their chewing habits. If you are unsure, we suggest starting with a larger size.


*CAUTION: Always monitor your dog during use. Discard any pieces that may pose a choking hazard. Not intended for human consumption.

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